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ポーランド出身のGregory (Grzegorz Demianczuk)とVoitek (WojciechTaranczuk)の2人からなるLive & DJユニット。これまで主に欧州のテックハウス、ミニマル系のGet Physical, Trapez, Crosstown Rebelsといった優良レーベルから、リリースを重ねている。音楽性のシフトチェンジと共に3 ChannelsからCatz’n Dogzへと名前を変更し、Claude Von Strokeが主宰するレーベルMothershipより『Stars of Zoo』、『Escape FromZoo』の2枚のアルバムを発表。グルーヴィーなディープハウス、ディスコの手法を融合した作品で世界中から高い評価を獲得し、いまや世界中のクラブからフェスまでを渡り歩き精力的に活動を続けている。!/Catz_n_Dogz

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We play every week around the world, when you travel so much it’s very hard to keep the cables in the good condition. Usually after few gigs we were throwing the cables away because they were broken..
We’re using the OYAIDE hardware for few months now and we didn’t get any problems from them. The cables are very solid, every detail is perfect, it’s the highest Japanese quality you can get. We didn’t see better cables anywhere. Also the box from OYAIDE is very useful. It’s very easy to carry all the cables, they are safe inside and there’s no need to worry that they will be broken during the travel.

We’re using the cables in the studio and when we’re performing live.
People are asking a lot about those cables and they are always very interested about them. Amazing design d+, they look very unique and simply beautiful. We’re very happy that we can use them in the studio and on the stage, we don’t have anymore problems with sound or interferences.