Artist Profile

Kai is a Berliner japanese a.k.a kaitaro nakajima was born in 1977.
He started from 17 years old to Produce and DJ. His first career affected by hiphop,
gradually got into minimal house music around 2003, and started to create minimal house music since 2004.
his first EP ” Particle EP ” released from UK’s minimal house label S醇・ Electronic in 2006,
” Hello! From Far East EP ” released from german house label Enliven Music in 2007,
same year ” minority EP ” released from also german tech house label level rec, ” Gakuon EP ” was released from American Label Alphahouse,

after 2 years the EP remixed launched by Butane and Dandyjack, in 2010 early he joined to Berlin’s label Merkur schallplatten.
He usually play some clubs in berlin such as Bar 25, Ritter Butzke and about blank, also He experienced gigs in each EU country around Berlin,
and recentry his tracks has been evaluated by djs.

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