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In 1992, after climbing the ranks to become one of the most respected Japanese house dancers, Kango made his initial journey to New York and was blown away by the power and energy of the dance music and hip hop scene.
The experience inspired him to begin his career as a professional DJ shortly thereafter. Some 17 years later, Kango has cemeted his position as the top all genre DJ in Japan with not only his production work alongside electro powerhouse Dexpistols on Roc Trax Japan but also his high energy live performance. The advent of his latest hit song “Runnin” has him taking hip hop inspired electro music to the next level worldwide.

Currently Kango holds the tile of resident DJ for Tokyo’s top weekly party, Red Zone at Tokyo Harlem. For over 10 years, Kango,in conjunction with partners DJ Koya have filled one of Tokyo’s largest clubs every Tuesday with fun-loving party people to dance to his unique mix hip hop, electro, house, nostalgia and party music. With residencies at every major club in Japan and guest appearances domestically and across Asia, Kango is one of Asia’s most in-demand DJs sharing the stage with the world’s top turntablists including DJ AM, DJ Cash Money, Grand Master Flash and Stretch Armstrong.

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