AS-808 V2 Series

75 ohm digital coaxial cable for professionals

AS-808 V2
AS-808 is bset for Word clock system, Audio interface, DAC, CDJ and all audio-visual equipments.
The central conductor,φ1.0 single wire, is made o f 102SSC which has produced by Oyaide Elec. it shows an incredible conductivity level of 102.3% IACS (after annealing process). There is less impurities and loss of signal transmission.
Between the central conductor and polyethylene tube, we applied air chamber which contributes to prevent dielectric loss caused by an insulator.

We employed double shielding structure which is com posed of copper foil shield ( 100% shielding ratio) and 102SSC braided shield (90% shielding ratio). The center pin of RCA plug is tube structure for maximize its surface for the signal transmission. and it is plated by 24K gold to prevent the corrosion of the contact. The BNC plug is made of D elrin and brass which has high rigidity For the inner insulator of both models, we applied low-dielectric Teflon in order to minimize the loss of signal transmission.

AS-808R V2
AS-808R V2

AS-808 V2 Series


Cable φ1.0 102 SSC soild conductor/ 75ohm coaxial / Kordel structure
AS-808R RCA plug Brass with 24K gold plated
AS-808B BNC plug Delrin and brass
価格 ● AS-808R V2 0.6m EAN/JAN:4582387108174
● AS-808R V2 1.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108181
● AS-808R V2 2.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108198
● AS-808R V2 3.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108204
● AS-808B V2 0.6m EAN/JAN:4582387108211
● AS-808B V2 1.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108228
● AS-808B V2 2.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108235
● AS-808B V2 3.0m EAN/JAN:4582387108242