Black Mamba -α V2

The new standard power cable with a versatile usability for recording equipments

The “BLACK MAMBA-α V2” power cable provides hi-speed/quick-response sounds and has very flexible body.

In addition, it is designed to be hi-resolution, noiseless, informative, phase-accurate, and flat balance without a peak. Our creative concept of “BLACK MAMBA-α V2” is making a best power cable for the latest situations of music production. Its versatile usability can be applied for the power of the audio I/Os, mixers, monitors, outboards, amplifiers and so on.

Black Mamba α-E
In Japan, “BLACK MAMBA-α” have recognized as a standard power cable for recording by producers, sound engineers and creators. You will experience a whole new level of standard you can never have imagined.

conductor surface
The copper of PA-02 V2 is 102SSC which produced by Oyaide Elec. It shows an incredible conductivity level of 102.3% IACS (after annealing process).
The copper base material for 102 SSC is refined in Japan and conform to the elite Japanese JIS C1011
industrial standard. Only pure virgin copper base we specified that does not contain any recycled
material. Also, we have instead employed mechanical peeling – a very precisely controlled process that removes 100% of impurities and we picked the use of natural diamond dies over synthetic diamond
dies which yield more uniform volume reduction with reduced stress and improved lubricity.
102SSC wire whose surface structure is far superior to all others.With outer diameter accuracy of ±1μm far exceeding the ±0.8μm in Japanese standards for conventional copper wires.


  1. The clear and powerful sound due to its 3.5sq 102SSC conductors.
  2. The insulator is made of low-dielectric polyorefin and inner tube is made of flex Polyethylene for preventing the loss of signal transmission.
  3. Excellent protection against noise by copper foil shielding.
  4. The plug/connector is Oyaide original P/C-029 “BLACK MAMBA” edition.


Cable BLACK MAMBA (3.5sq x 3、copper foil HOT・COLD=PCOCC-A、Grand= OFC)
Power Plug and connector Oyaide P/C 029 for BLACK MAMBA, UL(Black Mamba-α), Shuko(Black Mamba-α E)
Rated 125V / 15A
Length 1.8m