d+ PowerCable C7

Power cable of IEC C7 type for sound & visual

d+ Power cable C7 is for IEC C7 type power inlet. The conductor is of 1.25sq class1 OFC and original plug/connector, it enhances the sound and visual qualities such as Blu-Ray recorder / DVD recorder / CD player / CDJ turntable / Playstation 3 / Xbox360 and so on.

d+PowerCable C7 product feature

  1. The main conductor is 1.25sq class1 OFC and outer is Flexible PVC. It’s simple structure and a good transmission.
  2. The plug and connector are 24K gold plated.
  3. for Blu-Ray / DVD / CD / CDJ / PS3 / Xbox / etc


  • d+Powercable C7 1.2m
  • d+Powercable C7 1.8m
  • d+Powercable C7 2.5m