Dance Valley 2016 HQ Stage

Dance Valley 2016 HQ Stage wiring NEO cable
NEO / d+ cables were officially used at HQ Stage, Dance Valley festival in August 2016.8 in Netherlands.

As as festival Dance Valley which has been held since 1995.
About 50,000 – 60,000 people attend it every year and NEO / d+ were the official cables at HQ, a one of stage from them.

There were so many stages, one was on the top artists of EDM, Techno, House music something and the other was Hard style and Hard Core.
Hard House which is the one of the danve music genre and strongly influenced on EDM was focused on HQ stage especially.
Now you might not listen to them like ’90s but every dance music themselves are not temporary fashioned styles in Netherlands.
There are so many ordinary people who live with listening to the dance music in their daily life.
They are evaluated and respected by the people in this country but not so elegant.
Thats why every one was fun in this stage.
Some pictures below from them.

DJ JP (Dance Valley//High Quality)aka LoneStriker(Studio80Amsterdam) who is the organizer and DJ for HQ stage.
JP aka Lone Striker; a DJ/Producer from Amsterdam is resident and founder of Rebellion in Amsterdam.
Rebellion is an established name in the Amsterdam underground house and techno scene with parties held at places like Studio80, Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam. JP has a recording studio wich is a breeding ground for fresh local talent and a haven for music lovers. As DJJP he is a hardhouse pioneer and part of the infamous High Quality and Dance Valley Festival crew. With his High Quality residence he held a record for longest running club night in Holland. JP LoneStriker is an artist who helped building the Amsterdam House scene to what it is today and inspired many dutch producers of today.

Dance Valley2016_HQ stage_10

-OY:1.Have you ever thought about the cable’s quality to use in your studio?

DJ JP(JP):Yes! I use the cables to connect the cdj’s, digital or analog. And I use a Roland tr-8 and Moog Mother in my dj sets. I run the Moog through the TR-8 and the tr-8 I connect to the dj mixer. I find the neo cables with their excellent fittoing connectors and reliable rubber construction a very good and trust worthy companion who never lets me down with drop outs or signal loss. In my studio I use USB cables and audio cables for my monitor speakers, microphone and for the main output from my mixing desk to my external digital analog converting sound card to connect my vintage mixer to the digital domain.

-OY:2. What kind of equipment did you try out with our cables?

JP:Main speaker system Genelec 1038A, dbx pro vocal processor, Novation Audio hub sound card, Soundcraft Spirit mixer. As dj I used them in combination with cdjs2000nx2, laptop with rekordbox, tr-8 and Moog Mother.

-OY:3. What do you think about the overall quality of our cables?

JP:And think they are amazing, I have been using the now for over five years. I had received my first pair of cables as a present from the company during ade 2010. This was after meeting people from Oyaide company in Club Womb during a wild night in Tokyo. I connected the company with my homebase club Studio80 in Amsterdam to hook up their dj booth with Neo+ cables. In 2015 Studio80 closed for big renovation by new owner, but for more than five years, four nights a week, these cables provided the sound for an award winning sound system (Golden Gnome 2010) and never failed. After these many years of satisfying use my organisation is very happy to welcome Oyaide company again. As they are proud sponsors of our High Quality stage on Dance Valley and our various Tom Harding & DJJP Presents events. Where our aim is to deliver High Quality Music Oyaide helps us to claim that stake!

-OY:4. How do you think Oyaide cables have an impact on your work as producer or dj?

JP:As an artist you have to go for the best, good is not good enough anymore. Nowadays perfection finds itself in the finer details. That goes as well for the Neo+ Oyaide cables. You feel a tight connection with the equipment when you plug in your Neo+ cables. This tight connection will not come lose when moving or using your equipment. The high grade elements used to make these cables will provide a sound with the least possible amount of signal loss found in audio cables today. All these details add up to a perfect cable which will make your sound quality just a little bit better than the other guy’s. And that’s besides they look and feel awesome and the cables really stick out in the dark what makes them easy to find in dark sweaty clubs and crowded festival dj booths.