The IS-707 RJ is the high speed S/FTP Ethernet cable for audio and visual data and to support up to 10G BASE-T.

IS-707 RJ ethernet  cable

IS-707 RJ ethernet cable
The IS-707 RJ is great for the sound and visual network systems, especially suitable for PA systems, sound recording systems, DJ systems, home theater and network audio systems. It’s able to support up to 10G BASE-T without transmission loss by special protection against noise and electrical loss.

The high category of Ethernet is required advanced noise protection, therefore, we designed the Cat.7 Ethernet cable which enables 10GBASE-T 600MHz performance. The noise protection of IS-707 features individually aluminum shielded twisted pair wire and overall tin copper braid. These features are excellent in suppression effect of an alien crosstalk, the exogenous noise and the radiation noise.
The cable’s materials are 24 AWG 1.25% silver plated OFC solid wire and low-dielectric foamed polyethylene insulation which reduce the dielectric loss at high frequencies and the conductor resistance loss to meet the perfect performance of data transmission for sound and visual data. Also, the IS-707 is easy to install in many situations by the flexible PVC outer jacket.
Of particular note is the heavy-duty Cat.6A RJ45 plug of zinc body has high durability and to prevent outside electrical interference. The latch of plug is difficult to break and easy to connect in confined spaces.

RJ45 of IS-707RJ


SPECIFICATION S/FTP Cat.7 Ethernet cable support 10G BASE-T Bandwidth : 600MHz / Diameter 7.5mm
CONDUCTOR 24 AWG 1.25% silver plated OFC solid wire
INSULATOR foamed polyethylene
SHIELD aluminum and tin copper braid
OUTER flexible PVC
Plug Cat. 6A RJ 45 plug support 10G BASE-T Bandwidth : 500MHz
BODY OF PLUG die-cast nickel-plated zinc
IEC 60603-7-51 / EN 60603-7-51
THE LENGTH OF CABLE 0.6m / 1.2m / 2.4m / 3.6m / 6.0m
IS-707 Ethernet cable(100m spool) / MFP 8 RJ45 plug
IS-707 Ethernet cable support Cat.7 10G BASE-T
MFP 8 RJ45 plug support Cat. 6A 10G BASE-T
IS-707 RJ support Cat.6A 10G BASE-T