PA-02 V2 Series

PA-02 V2 microphone cable for professional recordings

As a studio quality, we consider an microphone cable needs to be hi-resolution, informative, quick-response, dense and wide range for the high quality sound recording.
“PA-02 V2 series” fulfill the demands of sound engineers, producers, players and all sound creators who pursue higher quality at the recording studio.
As a result of considering reduction of transmitting loss and distortion, noise protection, and vibration damping property, PA-02 V2 obtained its sound qualities which are low-noise, clean, faithful to the original, a high sensitivity and wide range.
It brings best out of the high quality microphone on recording and AES/EBU digital signal transmission as 110 ohm characteristic impedance.


conductor surface
conductor surface
The copper of PA-02 V2 is 102SSC which produced by Oyaide Elec. It shows an incredible conductivity level of 102.3% IACS (after annealing process).
The copper base material for 102 SSC is refined in Japan and conform to the elite Japanese JIS C1011
industrial standard. Only pure virgin copper base we specified that does not contain any recycled
material. Also, we have instead employed mechanical peeling – a very precisely controlled process that removes 100% of impurities and we picked the use of natural diamond dies over synthetic diamond
dies which yield more uniform volume reduction with reduced stress and improved lubricity.
102SSC wire whose surface structure is far superior to all others.With outer diameter accuracy of ±1μm far exceeding the ±0.8μm in Japanese standards for conventional copper wires.

The conductor structure of PA-02 V2 is 3 element stranding. 3E stranding combines strands of three different diameters to increase the density of the wire by decreasing the spaces between strands. This results in a smaller outer diameter than the same gauge wire made with identical individual strands, plus a more accurate,
stable and perfectly circular cross section.

PA-02 V2 series


PA-02 V2 XLR
(XLR Male-Female)
1.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107764)
2.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107771)
3.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107788)
5.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107795)

PA-02 V2 TXM
(TRS-XLR Male)
1.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107801)
2.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107818)
3.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107825)
5.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107832)

PA-02 V2 XFT
(XLR Female-TRS)
1.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107849)
2.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107856)
3.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107863)
5.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107870)

PA-02 V2 TRS
(TRS phone-TRS phone)
1.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107887)
2.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107894)
3.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107900)
5.0m (JAN/EAN:4582387107917)

PA-02 V2 series Product Features

CONDUCTOR 102SSC 18 AWG(19 pieces of 3 Element stranding)
INSULATOR Foamed polyethylene
SHIELDING braided 102SSC
inner inclusion Low Density Polyethylene
Outer halogen-free sheath for audio
solder OYAIDE SS-47
plugs XLR:Switchcraft AAA / 1/4 TRS Phone jack:NEO P-285T
Characteristic Impedance 110Ω