PA-08 8ch Snake Cable Series

The premium 8ch multi-snake cables for professional studio

The “8ch Snake Cable Series” was developed to perfectly playback original sound by high-sampling rate, in addition to the usability and durability in professional studio.

Due to the perfect transmitting ability of PCOCC-A premium copper, PA-08 series produce clear, wide range, noiseless and high-resolution sounds.

All connectors, Dsub 25, XLR, TRS, were selected in order to match up to the PA-08 snake cable as wellas well-examined materials and structure.

Without any compromises, “PA-08 snake cable series” are produced for genuine sound professionals.

PA-08 DD (D-Sub → D-Sub)  1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
PA-08 DT (D-Sub → TRS)   1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
PA-08 DXF (XLR(F) → D-Sub) 1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
PA-08 DXM (D-Sub → XLR(M)) 1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
PA-08 XMF (XLR(F) → XLR(M)) 1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m
PA-08 TT (TRS → TRS) 1.5m / 3.0m / 6.0m


  1. The central conductor is PCOCC-A high quality pure copper.
  2. For the shield, the aluminum rap shielding is employed for the higher level of noise protection.
  3. All solder used are SS-47, Oyaide original audio grade solder.
  4. The Dsub 25 connecter which is produced by JAE is strong for external noise, EMI protection and has excellect durability by the cover of aluminum die-casting.
  5. The XLR connecters are highly reliable Switchcraft AAA series.
  6. The TRS 1/4” phone plugs are Oyaide original P-285T.