The FORCE’77G bring natural sound character for bass and guitar
FORCE’77 is the ultimate shielded cable protected signal from noises.

By the newly developed NOTCHES ENVELOPE outer sheath, the ground contact area is drastically decreased and the bad influence from touching noise is minimally attenuated. With its semi-conductor layer (CGP), the tin coating braded shield is employed in order to protect from the external noise contamination without degrading sound quality.

force_spec_enFor its insulator, we developed VOLTEX-PE which lowers electrostatic capacitance and interferences between its conductors and outside. By its high flexibility and vibration damping property, it maximizes the performance of conductor material.

Conductor Tin Plating OFC + OFC
Insulator VOLTEX PE
Shield/Semi-conductor layer Tin Plating OFC/CG PVC
Plug NEO original plug P-275BG,P-275BGL
Solder OYAIDE SS-47
FORCE’77G SS 1.8m / 3.0m / 5.0m / 7.0m
FORCE’77G LS  1.8m / 3.0m / 5.0m / 7.0m
FORCE’77G LL  0.15m / 0.3m / 0.15m(crank) / 0.3m(crank)