Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok from to rococo rot

Robert Lippok
“I have used the d+ cables for the whole production of my latest album and used them
in several live set ups. Very durable, reliable and beautiful, thank you!!!”

Robert Lippok was born 1966 in Berlin.
Since his youth, he was active in different formations as a musician, visual artist and set designer. The group called To Rococo Rot was founded in the 1990s together with Ronald Lippok, the brother of Robert Lippok, and Stefan Schneider from Dusseldorf.
Since 1996 the group’s releases have appeared on various labels, among others on Kitty-Yo, City Slang and Staubgold. In addition, To Rococo Rot created sound recordings for visual artists, such as Olaf Nicolai, Doug Aitken and Takehito Koganezawa.
Lippok stages solo, music performances (open close open (Raster Noton, 2001); Falling into Komeit (Monika Enterprises, 2004)).