To improve the quality of the guitar wireless systems


The WL-606 series have unique design for the guitar wireless systems, they have high quality transmission as our basic policy and the flexibility for guitar players on the live performances.


As you know, a cheaper guitar cable is poor sound quality the reason why it has transmission loss. We haven’t seen the good quality cable for the guitar wireless systems. The WL-606 series keep the original signal quality on the wireless systems.

WL606_SH_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 SH (for audio-technica SYSTEM10)
WL606_SX_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 SX (for LINE6 G90/G55/G50 etc)
WL606_SS_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 SS (for normal phone jack type)
WL606_LH_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 LH (for audio-technica SYSTEM10)
WL606_LX_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 LX (for LINE6 G90/G55/G50 etc)
WL606_LS_2014_001base_640x427_tsumeWL-606 LS (for normal phone jack type)

WL-606 Product Features

  1. WL-606 has the PCOCC-A conductor by Furukawa Elec in Japan. It has no grain boundar and superior electrical conductivity for the signal.
    Also, the solder is the KESTER44 which is famous as the sound character of choice for the professional players.
  2. The quarter inch phone plugs are originals by NEO and made in Japan.
  3. The black color of high density sleeve shield the signal from the exogenous noise.
  4. The 0.6m length of cable is better suited for live performances.


Cable conductor PCOCC-A
Conductor size AWG19
plug P-275M / P-275L / Chrome Plating Mini 4pole XLR
Use solder KESTER44
Insulator high insulation flex PE
Shielded PCOCC-A served shielded
Cable length 0.6m
Lineup ● WL-606 SX / 0.6m (1/4 “S phone – 4pin mini XLR)
● WL-606 LX / 0.6m (1/4 “L phone – 4pin mini XLR)
● WL-606 SS / 0.6m (1/4 “S-type phone – 1/4″ S-type phone)
● WL-606 LS / 0.6m (1/4 “L-type phone – 1/4″ S-type phone)
● WL-606 SH / 0.6m (1/4” S phone – 4pin HIROSE for audio-technica SYSTEM10)
● WL-606 LH / 0.6m (1/4” L phone – 4pin HIROSE for audio-technica SYSTEM10)