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Climactic pleasure beyond stimulation that shakes your instincts!

Guitarists and bassists instinctively seek the pleasure they get when playing.
To meet this need, Oyaide Elec has developed a new guitar cable by applying the cable manufacturing know-how we have cultivated over many years. To achieve the “Elegant tone” that players desire, we have taken great care in everything from the cable and plug to the manufacturing method, resulting in the birth of the Ecstasy Cable, a high-end guitar cable.

◇Why does “Ecstasy Cable” that appeal to your instincts?

Ecstasy Cable has been tuned to provide an “organic tone” that is conducive to playability without sacrificing the mellow overtone of musical instruments, in addition to high-resolution characteristics that are in tune with todayʼs music scene. The cable also has high durability to withstand excessive bending and is easy to handle to reduce stress during use.

Ecstasy Cable Feature

The “Precision silver-plated conductor,” which is the most distinctive feature of Ecstasy Cable, has been newly developed. Precision silver-plated conductors are characterized by high resolution and smooth treble components. The carefully calculated AWG18-equivalent conductor configuration produces a thick sound with high sound density from low to high frequencies, while at the same time maintaining the rich overtone components characteristic of Electric Guitar/Bass, in addition to the high-resolution characteristics suited to the modern music scene. In addition, by twisting “Reinforced fiber (Kevlar 1500dl)” into the center conductor, we have created a “tough conductor” that can withstand intense staging.
“Foamed polyethylene” with low dielectric constant is used for the insulator. We designed the conductor to have a low capacitance of 85pF/m through repeated prototyping to achieve a pleasing tone balance in the mid to high frequency range. The meticulously constructed “braided shield” ensures flexibility and durability, while significantly blocking extraneous noise. Furthermore, the “conductive PVC layer” suppresses touch noise transmitted from vibrations given to the cable, resulting in a very low-noise cable.
“PVC” is used for the outer sheath to achieve high utility. The flexible and smooth texture is comfortable to the touch and enables stress-free handling. The cable weighs only about 58g/m, making it easy to transport.

Innovative Original Phone plug

The P-275EX, which is exclusive to Ecstasy Cable, combines robustness and original sound- fidelity characteristics with an innovative original phone plug.
The P-275EX is machined from a single piece of brass from the central TIP terminal to the solder joint. Therefore, unlike ordinary phone plugs, it has no joints and is exceptionally sturdy. The simple structure with no waste maximizes the characteristics of the cable.
The P-275EX uses a unique “Special Copper Plating” process. This is a non-magnetic plating in which copper accounts for more than 50% of the plating, and is characterized by low incidental sound, almost as if it were unplated. The hardness of the plating is approximately 500 Hv, equivalent to nickel plating, and there is no hardness in the sound caused by the plating. The plating does not impair the depth and expressiveness unique to musical instruments and accentuates the individuality of Ecstasy Cable, which leads to “climax pleasure”. In addition, it has excellent resistance to oxidation and chlorine, so it maintains stable performance and appearance even when used outdoors.
Of course, the P-275EX is manufactured entirely in Japan, ensuring consistent high quality.

Sound Tuning

HMX-Pb113 solder is made by Kojima Solder Mfg. HMX-Pb113 contains additives of trace metal elements obtained by analyzing the components of vintage solder, which gives Ecstasy Cable its “pleasant tone. The design of this product is conducive to the “sound quality” of the product.

High Durability

Ecstasy Cable relieves performers from stress not only in terms of sound quality but also in terms of durability.

When we requested a bending test to the Electric Wire & Cable Technology Center, no wire breakage was observed even after 37,000+ reciprocating movements, despite the test under overload conditions. (90° reciprocating motion to the left and right / 500g load)

The plug structure, cable characteristics, and fabrication method reduce the risk of breakage near the plug root, thus preventing problems on stage.)


  1. The “pleasant tone” is realized from both aspects of sound and playability.
  2. The smallest notes are quieter and the loudest notes are louder, expressing the player’s touch with subtlety.
  3. The sound density is deep throughout the entire bandwidth of the guitar, increasing the sense of sound pressure, and giving the guitar a thicker sound core.
  4. The tone has a perfect balance that does not interfere with the band ensemble, yet is easy to handle with no ear-piercing high-frequency characteristics.
  5. Clean/Crunch emphasizes the fatness of the core, while High Gain emphasizes the harmonic richness and good distortion ride.
  6. It adapts to any P.U. or amp type and maximizes the potential of the guitar.


Center conductor Precision silver plated conductor
Conductor cross Section 0.75sq(AWG18considerable)
Reinforcing fiber Kevlar® fiber 1500dl conductor stranded
Insulator foamed polyethylene
Semiconductor layer Conductive PVC
Shield Tinned copper wire (braid density: approx. 84%)
Outer sheath: Color Pb-free PVC: Ash gray
Outer diameter 7.0mm
Solder Kojima Solder Works:HMX-Pb113
Phone plug P-275EX(straight) / P-275EXL(L type)
Phone Plug for Patch P-275EXS(straight) / P-275EXLS(L type)
Warranty Period 1 year from the date of purchase



Ecstasy Cable


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Ecstasy Cable


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Ecstasy Cable
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