>I can see myself wanting to upgrade my set up for streaming equipment to match the specs of these cables, and Oyaide Electric guarantees a quality that is worth the price.

Artist Profile

After returning to Japan from New York in 2001, he started his career as a resident DJ at Asia’s largest drum ‘n’ bass party, “06S”, which is extremely popular at WOMB.
In 2020, he brought the curtain down on the 209th edition of 06S and set a milestone as a legendary party that will be passed down for generations to come with the best performance of tradition and innovation.
The label “06S RECORDS” will be launched in 2019, and he is working on his own music production, as well as the discovery and education of new generation producers. So far, he has performed at many big festivals such as FUJI ROCK, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL KOREA, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL JAPAN, BEATPATROL, SKOLBEATS, WOMB ADVENTURE, HAÇIENDA, OUTLOK, etc. He has also been active overseas.
He has also been active overseas, performing in the UK, USA, Brazil, Holland, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, and Singapore.
DJ AKi has been attracting a wide range of crowds with his hard-hitting, full-floor skillful DJ style that drives crowds wild, and his skillful handling of mellow and lustrous lounge DJ sets. As one of Asia’s leading drum ‘n’ bass DJs, he is attracting a lot of attention from home and abroad.

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DJ AKi’s Comment

To start live streaming from my home in May 2020, Oyaide has been providing me with support for various cables.
Basically, I’m using PA-02 V2 for all the cables from the PIONEER DJ mixer to the audio interface (ALLEN&HEATH ZED10), from the audio interface to the monitor speakers, and from the SENHEISER MK4 to the microphone cable of the audio interface.
Since I’m transmitting from home, I’m using really simple equipment, but it’s no secret that upgrading the cables has drastically changed the sound.


Also worth mentioning are the power strips, since replacing them with the OCB-1 DXs II, the power has been increased and the specs of the equipment have gone up, which is unbelievable.
On the contrary, I feel like I want to upgrade my distribution equipment to match the specs of the cables, and the charm of Oyaide Electric is that they guarantee a quality that is worth the price.
You can never go wrong with them, and I strongly recommend them!