Oyaide is recognized in more than 50 countries around the world.
It's proof of our superior quality.
"NEO is Oyaide's brand for professional use, for all creators.
The concept is very simple.
The concept is simple: to develop and offer new, exciting and high quality products,
combining tradition and innovation at a high level.
Pure passion and an uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship are the spirit of NEO.
Oyaide is recognized in over 50 countries worldwide.
It's a sign of quality.
Outstanding performance and a high degree of versatility for heavy duty use.
A long life concept for years of use.
And lasting value. The difference in quality is obvious.
The "NEO" is the ultimate in quality, creating an emotional and exciting sound.



HPC-HD25 V2 for DJs
A new refined model of the HPC-HD25 series, more suitable for the field, is now available from the NEO brand!…

Instrument Cables

Ecstasy Cable
Climactic pleasure beyond stimulation that shakes your instincts! Guitarists and bassists instinctively seek …

Line / Microphone Cables

  New series of mic & line cables from NEO brand! Oyaide Electric and AET, which have been developin…


d+ USB Series
The Masterpiece of USB Cable for Sound Systems


User artists