Legend of Mastering engineer

Legendary mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer who worked for years at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs’ NYC facility and was responsible for cutting a respectable share of classic Prelude and West End titles, as well as tons of disco, house, funk, and hip-hop classics over the years.
Herb still does lacquer-cutting and vinyl mastering, but most of his business is now in the digital domain. He owns and operates his own mastering facility called PM Entertainment, a.k.a POWERS MASTERING STUDIO.
He almost always includes shout-outs and dedications inscribed in the run-out groove “dead-wax” of his earlier vinyl work, followed by one of his numerous signatures and his trademark smiley face.
He worked Shade, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill and 8 albums of the year Grammy nominations.

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User Review

1. How was the first impression to use OYAIDE cable?
First I want to say “Thank You” to OYAIDE cable company for making such a Great product, and including me as a spokes person. Upon seeing the cables I thought the construction of them was incredible. Upon using them my first impression was right, they look and sound fantastic (like clean pure air).

2. How are you using these cables?
Mostly for the audio playback chain in the studio; I have one set of Oyaide cables coming from the console to the mono block amplifiers, and then Oyaide speaker cables from the amps to the speakers, and the Tunami electric plugs for the amps. Also I am using the AES Digital cable from the console digital out, to my Sonic Solutions DAW thru a Metric Halo i/o.

Can you tell me which one you connect to which equipment?_

3. How is the OYAIDE cable sounds?
They sound Clear, Pure, and smooth, they are so good that in effect they are “transparent”, as a Great cable should be.

4. How OYAIDE cable effect to your studio work?
They let me work with full knowledge that what I am hearing is everything in the mix, the low and high end extension is so good, you can work with more confidence.
The Oyaide cables also have such great shielding, that a very low level hum I had thru my amplifiers went away

5. Do you think it’s necessary to use good cables in the studio?
If yes or no, why?
Yes it is imperative to do so, there is a saying “you are only as good as your weakest link” In fitness it is true, a strong body but a weak heart…equals problems, Great equipment but weak connectors….well you will not hear everything you should. The OYAIDE cables link gear as best as possible for The State Of The Art Sound!

6. Please give me a comment for OYAIDE cable.
THANK YOU! again for creating such Great products, and please continue to make great product. The world needs more companies that are truly the best at their craft. I wish OYAIDE cable company much success now and in the future! If you get involved in making other products please let me know, I would be honored to listen or check it out.

Herb Powers Jr