Mauro Picotto is an Italian DJ who began his career in 1984

“When I received the cables from OYAIDE and I opened the box my first impression was, WOW what an amazing packaging, then I was even more impressed by the design, the quality of the materials and with these beautiful brights colours it made them look alive. Now my Dj set up and equipments not only looks better but works great and soundwise are top quality.”

Mauro Picotto is an Italian DJ who began his career in 1984, at the age of eighteen, at a club in Piedmont called Top Sound. Following his studies he devoted himself full time to his passion as a DJ and in 1988 he became a finalist in the Italian DMC. In 1989 he won the Walky Cup Competition, broadcast on TV, which enshrined him as the best Italian DJ.

The same year he devoted much of his time to the production of his first album as R.A.F., and he soon became one of the leading producers at Media Records in Italy, of which he would eventually become a partner.

In the meantime he began to produce himself, releasing massive tracks including Bakerloo Symphony, Iguana and Komodo to name a few, though his fame is mainly due to Lizard, a track that turned into a musical style, receiving awards and accolades from all territories, pushing Mauro to the Olympus of the Top 10 most popular DJs in the world.

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