Hector Romero from Def Mix and Saw recordings

“Simply holding these cables in your hand you can immediately tell the quality of these cables and you feel confident in knowing Oyaide will perform for you!”

A natural progression within the Def Mix camp gave Hector Romero his most recent business opportunity as a participating partner in Satoshi Tomiie’s upstart imprint SAW.RECORDINGS. Weinstein, also an investor and a believer in the duo team, is working closely with Romero to strengthen his profile as a DJ through the Def Mix Tours. With Romero’s business savvy, the success of Tomiie & Romero’s dream company is insured. As one of the creative forces of SAW, Hector brings to the team his experience as label manager, and his A&R and negotiation abilities.
As a DJ, Hector Romero continues to play on weekends and will be joining the others at Def Mix in a Spring through Fall 2002 world tour.

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