Sabine was born in Berlin. In early 2000 she discovered her passion for spinning vinyl.

Sabine was born and raised in Berlin. She grew up listening to a diverse array of hip hop, soul, funk and crossover beats. Sabine discovered her passion for spinning vinyl around the early 2000’s, when she was first exposed to electronic music. She plays a deep blend of techno, electro, Chicago & Detroit house with nuggets of acid, funk and breakbeats rolled in. But regardless of the style, you will always find Sabine playing vinyl only sets as she prefers the warmth of analog sounds and the classic feel of turntables. She has played at almost all the leading clubs in Berlin such as About Blank, Salon zur wilden Renate, Berghain Kantine, Griessmühle, Sisyphos, IPSE, Farbfernseher, Golden Gate, Arena Club and the list goes on…. Sabine is the founder of “Frauengedeck”. It´s an event series focusing on an all female line up. She wants to support and present female DJs. She has held many events at different clubs throughout Berlin like Wilde Renate, Griessmühle, Farbfernseher and Beate Uwe. The first international events outside of Germany, were held in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia other country’s will soon follow. Since 2016 Sabine works at the well known OYE record shop in Berlin. She is also hosting a monthly Frauengedeck livestream, which is streamed from the OYE record shop.


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