If you’re not an avid follower of dance music but are tuned into popular culture at all you’ve likely experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed.

” I have been using Oyaide cable for many years and have always found them to be the most reliable and best for sound quality at all my worldwide gigs. I have recently updated my home studio set up with a complete set of Oxaide cables and the difference in sound. Quality Is so noticeable. I always want to have the best quality sound for my studio work, radio shows, live streams and worldwide gigs. So to have that consistency across all my working platforms is vital for me and most importantly for my fans.”

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d+ FireWire / PA-02

When we put our studio together we never really spent too much time deciding which cables to use, preferring to concentrate on the specifications of the computers, the software and the monitoring environment.

However it was recommended to us that we try some professional cables from Oyaide.
We have just finished remixes for Tom Middleton and Mr.Fogg using the cables in our system and are shocked by the difference. The stereo imaging has improved considerably; the overall sound has sharpened up and the data transfer is rock solid and fast.

We have the peace of mind of knowing that the signal has the best possible chance of moving from one point to another without any corruption or interference along the way and our productions sound a whole lot better as a result. Thank you Oyaide!

Originally hailing from England but having clearly arrived on the global scene nearly a decade ago, John has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history. His list of achievements is groundbreaking to say the least.

Highlights would be the first proper dj mix compilation (“Renaissance”, done with Sasha), being the first British dj to hold a residency at what was then the world’s most well known club in NYC (Twilo, also with Sasha) as well as having remixed tracks by Danny Tenaglia, Underworld and New Order.

John Digweed is a DJ’s DJ. The beauty of what he does lies in just how different he really is from his contemporaries. From his early beginnings in Hastings, England at the age of 15 in the blossoming scene of acid house to the apex of the international dj’ing world, he has created and maintained a level of integrity that is the benchmark for both dj’s and producers globally. In fact, he has reached the very top of his profession, being voted #1 in a voter’s poll by DJ magazine in 2001. John Digweed has become the people’s choice while maintaining his longstanding presence in underground dance culture. His popularity as both a dj and a person seems to have no limits, but his efforts transcend dj’ing alone, he is as much a producer and promoter.