Founder and owner of Mojuba and A.R.T.less Records

“I am very satisfied with Oyaide power supply-cables(Black Mamba) as well as audio cables(PA-02), the workmanship of all tested Oyaide products is supreme quality, especially the audio cables showed no sign of any signal inference or noise in the studio like experienced in the past with cheap cables from other brands.

I used the black mamba power supply-cable for my DJ set-up, which includes a Crest Performance analogue rotary mixer (cp-6210 with expander), Bozak ISO-X isolator and Technics SL-1200 MK5 all connected with shielded (Cordial) RCA audio cable. To judge the sound of a power supply cable is somewhat of a hard task, because I think this has to be done in special acoustic and scientific tested and measured room, however the usability of the cable is very nice, sometimes I can be hard to install the cable because it is very stiff and thick, but the feeling of using it is very good, in a way it gives feeling reliability.

During the whole testing phase I never experienced anything negative with the cable, the sound was always brilliant clean, no clicks or noises in the signal, like I experienced it in the past without Oyaide power supply, these noises were caused by a light switch in the house’s electric system.”

Founder and owner of Mojuba and A.R.T.less Records and one half of the Tokomak Records company, he is the creative force behind these imprints and Tokomak’s main founding member. His musical influences ranges from Classic, Funk and Jazz via Drum & Bass and Trip Hop to his beloved Detroit Techno and US House, which can be still enjoyed throughout his DJ-Sets. After a few releases on the legendary Pure Plastic imprint, he delivers tracks of his own brand of funk on labels like Rewired, Styrax Leaves and 100% Pure. Now he is back with some new stuff on his own label A.R.T.less!

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