GRAMMY®-winning recording and mixing engineer

Dave has about 30 years career experience in sound engineering, production and song writing, He has worked with famous artists like Madonna, Micheal Jackson, BJORK, Kylie Minoghe, PRINCE, Dianna Ross, Sting and among others super stars. Also he won a Grammy for mixing jazz legend Wayne Shorter’s “Alegria” album on Verve Records in 2003.

User Review

I must admit, I was skeptical that a simple audio cable could make a discernible difference in my recordings, but I must now confess that I’m a cable thanks to Oyaide!


blackmamba_a_001_800_1I first tried their Black Mamba power cable on my sound interface, a Digidesign 192 I/O. Immediately I heard a broad depth of image that I hadn’t heard before. There seemed to be a wideness to the sound-field but with an improved phase coherency. I also noticed that the digital clock seemed to have less jitter, providing clarity and substance to sounds that had previously been somewhat transparent. An Apogee I/O had similar results with even more dramatic clock accuracy. I could tell, especially in soft acoustic music, that there was more delicacy, less harshness in the hi-end, and rounder low mid.


L_pa02_xlr_w900The PA-02 had a dramatic impact on my vocal-mic, a Gefell UM-900. Most noticeably, the output was higher, providing more gain at the mic-preamp stage so I could run the mic-pre cooler. There was a newfound warmth in signal without sacrificing any clarity.
I can only attribute this to the superconduttivity of the cable.

The interview in NY.