NEO Solderless Series+ > I thought it was a great cable to set the standard for my own taste, as it has a single core sound with no taste.


Artist Profile

Nobuyuki Takeda:Guitar
Kozo Kusumoto:Guitar/Synthesizer
Jun Izawa:Bass
Akinori Yamamoto:Drums
A four-piece instrumental rock band with roots in post-rock and mass rock that continues to evolve.
Since its formation in 2003, the band has been active not only in Japan, but also in Europe, the United States, Asia, and other parts of the world.
In its early years, the band found its identity in the emotional songs created by the thrilling interplay of twin guitars and the dramatic ups and downs of the rhythm section, and since 2006 it has been active in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other countries.
The band has been active in the U.K., Ireland, and abroad since 2006, and has been exploring new approaches to sound with synthesizers, using J. Robbins of Jawbox for the 2009 EP “Turns Red” and John McEntire of Tortoise for the 2010 EP “Illuminate,” as well as electronica and beats. The band has established an original style that encompasses elements of music and other genres.
In 2019, the band is constantly evolving its activities, including the release of its official app, LITE The Room, which will serve as a new platform to connect the band and its fans.
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User Review

NEO Solderless Series+

The construction is more solid than expected, making it useful for on-site environments.
Above all, the ease with which it can be rebuilt on the spot in the unlikely event of a broken wire is the beauty of solderless cables.
Also, since it has a single core sound with no seasoning, I thought it would be a great cable to establish a standard from which I can add my own seasoning.
Jun Izawa: Bass
As someone who has always made my own patch cables, I can’t believe how quickly they are made.
Is it fine without solder? You may be worried about this, but I have had no problems at all, as I have had no troubles at live performances.
The sound is straightforward and free of any peculiarities.
Because there are no quirks, the cables that go from the guitar to the board and from the board to the amp can have their own character, making it easy to create the sound I was aiming for.
Kusumoto Kozo: Guitar
The best part is that it can be created without soldering.
This is definitely friendly for me who are not good at soldering and find it troublesome.
The ease of creation also allows for more flexibility and ease of rearranging the board. This also makes it easier for artist to create their own sounds.
And the sound is just like you would expect from Oyaide, the fuzzy part of the sound outline is gone, and I feel it is crisp and clear.
I am glad I made the change.
Nobuyuki Takeda: Guitar

PA-02 V2 TS

I use it for the output of my SPD-SX. After replacing the cables, I was surprised at how much the sound changed beyond my imagination.
The sound has become thicker, the original sound has become more accurate, the pitch of the kick and snare has become more pronounced, and the phrases are more colorful.
Once I use these cables, I can’t live without them.
Akinori Yamamoto: Drums


Compared to the cables I normally use, I was surprised at the increased density and range of sound.
I can hear everything clearly and without any clutter, and it seems to raise the level of my playing!
I will use it for both recording and live performances in the future.
Jun Izawa: Bass


I feel that the resolution by the basic power supply is higher.
It is useful for preamps, spatial systems, modulation systems, and other effects that require a clear outline of the sound.
Jun Izawa: Bass
Really good! I use it with a distortion type effect pedal, and I get the impression that the sound of the effect pedal is exactly on the sound that is being produced, without the feeling of the sound being hollowed out when the effect pedal is turned on.
I think the sound has become more powerful, and the contours are more defined and forward.
Mr. Roadie who came at the time of Live made a mistake as “Did you replace the vacuum tube of the amplifier?”
So I recommend it for distortion effects!
Kusumoto Kozo: Guitar
As soon as I changed the DC cable, the distortion became more detailed and the spatial sound image became clearer.
It is a great cable and very useful.
Nobuyuki Takeda: Guitar

Bass:Izawa’s Effector board Guitar:Kusumoto’s Effector board Guitar:Takeda’s Effector board


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