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To Improve the Quality of the Guitar Wireless Systems

Sharpened by wireless system
The WL-606 debuted in the summer of 2012 as a dedicated cable for wireless systems.
NEO was the first to recognize the importance of cables in wireless systems, and responded to users’ voices to create a high quality wireless cable.
The WL-606 series was developed and designed for wireless use, developed considering specific design issues unique to wireless systems.
In just 4 years, the concept of wireless cables created by NEO was revolutionized for new levels of clarity and speed.
“WL-606II evolved to “102 SSC
The key to the evolution of WL-606 is the selection of the conductor. Made from HC-OFC silver-plated OFC, and tough pitch wire used in QAC-222 and QAC-222G, Oyaide Electric’s custom conductor “102 SSC” is used. We tested many prototypes and decided to use 102 SSC as the conductor and shield material, focusing on the flatness of the sound within the range that can be expressed wirelessly.
Although high-fidelity materials sometimes risk diminishing the density of instruments, the flatness of 102 SSC is the most suitable for distortion-free wireless transmission. In the same way, the size of the cable was in different iterations, from 0.5sq to 1.25sq, single-core structure, and double-core structure, before settling on 0.75sq.
Total architecture, not just the conductorWhile it is true that the conductor is the heart of the cable, it is not everything. The characteristics of a cable are determined by a number of factors, including the insulation, shielding method, and exterior materials.
XLPE, which has a low dielectric constant and excellent electrical properties, is used as the insulator for the 102 SSC conductor. This is the central design based on the already popular “3398” series.
The insulator is surrounded by a spiral sealing from the 102 SSC. The shield wire uses more conductors than the center. As grounding has a great impact on the sound output, we do not neglect the path of the ground signal, so we use the same 102 SSC as the center conductor.
The outer sheath is made of vibration-resistant elastomer material to protect weak signals from vibration interference. Furthermore, a nylon braid is woven into the outer sheath to prevent touch noise.
While maintaining the same chic look as the WL-606, the entire design has undergone major improvements.

Wide Lineup
WL-606SX/LX used in G90/G55/G50 etc.
for LINE6, WL-606 SS/LS of double-ended phone type which is widely used in LINE6 G30 and has excellent versatility,
WL-606SH/LH for audio-technica SYSTEM10, and WL-606SXS/LXS, a model with screw lock mechanism for SHURE GLXD16.
SHURE GLXD16 has 4pin mini XLR connector, GLXD16 users can choose SX/LX for WL-606, but it has a locking mechanism to make the connection stronger. For GLXD16 users, the WL-606II SX/LX is recommended as it promises the sound of WL-606II and just the right usage environment.


  1. WL-606 has the 102 SSC conductor by Oyaide Electric`s original, It has no grain boundary and superior electrical conductivity for the signal.
    Also, the solder is the Kester44 which is famous as the sound character of choice for the professional players.
  2. The quarter inch phone plugs are originals by NEO and made in Japan.
  3. The black color of high density sleeve shield the signal from the exogenous noise.
  4. The 0.6m length of cable is better suited for live performances.

PLUG P-275M / P-275L / Chrome Plating Mini 4 pole XLR
USE SOLDER Kester 44
INSULATOR high insulation flex PE
SHIELDED 102 SSC served shielded


WL-606II SX (0.6M)
FOR LINE6 G90/G55/G50 etc

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WL-606II LX (0.6M)
FOR LINE6 G90/G55/G50 etc

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WL-606II SS (0.6M)
FOR LINE6 G30 etc

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WL-606II LS (0.6M)

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WL-606II SXS (0.6M)

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WL-606II LXS (0.6M)

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