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New series of mic & line cables from NEO brand!

Oyaide Electric and AET, which have been developing audio accessories for

high-end audio and professional use, have teamed up to release a new concept product series under the Oyaide NEO brand, the INNOVATOR series – bringing the technology and experience they have developed over many decades together.


The INNOVATOR series was developed as an innovative product to support the next generation of music production, with the aim of providing cables for the highest degree of professional use. The INNOVATOR series brings a new level for studio music production, recording, live performances, on-site instrumental performances and PA.


The INNOVATOR is the culmination of decades of technology and development by Oyaide Electric and AET, including carefully selected high- quality materials, cutting-edge design and advanced sound tuning. The INNOVATOR cable delivers a high-fidelity sound like that of a high-end studio.

The flexible handling and feel of the INNOVATOR cable is also a feature of the INNOVATOR cable, where you can experience a clear difference in quality.

The INNOVATOR is now available in five cable types: XLR, TXM, XFT, TRS, and TS. The line-up is designed for studio use, live performance, and all other situations.

As the name INNOVATOR suggests, a number of innovative technologies have been used in the development of these cables. Each of these innovations results in a high-quality sound.

By introducing INNOVATOR cables to the world, we support music production and instrumental performance to the fullest extent for users who are at the forefront of the modern times.


INNOVATOR incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies


The INNOVATOR series incorporates all elements of a high-performance cable.

It is the cable itself that has the greatest electrical loss in audio signals and generates noise and other distortions. Because it is the largest element, it has the greatest impact on sound quality. There are three elements that can be effectively addressed to reduce this effect: suppressing capacitance, attenuating DC resistance, and reducing inductance. Only cables that satisfy these three elements are recognized as audio cables.

The INNOVATOR series is designed with technologies to satisfy these three audio elements at a high level. The selection of materials, the manufacturing process and the thorough quality control have resulted in a high level of product quality.

Excellent design and specifications to meet the various demands of professional workplaces.

Ease of use and durability are essential in professional settings such as live performances and studios. Easy cable routing reduces the stress of setting up and increases efficiency. To ensure flexibility, cotton thread is eliminated and rods made of NI material are used. The sheathing is formulated with a high- performance, flexible compound, while the cable color scheme is formulated in a spartan charcoal color with low reflection.

Designed for repeated use in the field, the cables are highly durable and can be employed in any situation with confidence. In particular, its flexibility enhances handling, reduces distortion, and gives a well-balanced, quirky, and colorless sound. This also allows for much greater flexibility in invoicing.
Its appearance is also enhanced by a specially-tinted compound, which gives it status as a designer item.
The materials are free from heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, and the company is also firmly committed to protecting the environment.

Economic rationale far beyond performance.

Economic rationale far beyond performance

The INNOVATOR series is remarkably economical. Despite its professional use, the quality of the INNOVATOR series is comparable to the audio-grade products that Oyaide and AET have introduced in the past for the high-end audio market.

Even with the high quality materials and manufacturing process, the INNOVATOR series is very cost-effective. Ease of use for the user means economic efficiency. The high level of usability and satisfaction that you get with INNOVATOR is more than just cost-effectiveness.

Comment by Mr Kaoru Obara, representative of “AET”  and producer of “INNOVATOR”.

The theme of my music is salvation. I myself have suffered countless times in my decades of work, because there is nothing more painful than not having good sound. From that experience, when I come across an item or a piece of equipment that produces good sound, I feel truly saved.

I did all kinds of experiments until I could produce good sound. Some of them were even somewhat supernatural (laughs). I pursued it with all my might, and I can say that my method was finally completed. I wish from the bottom of my heart to deliver this salvation to the world.

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■Cables are the life of music.
Decades ago, I didn’t know what was involved in sound quality. Through a lot of work and experience, I was surprised to realize the impact that cables can have. It all started with the simple fact that I couldn’t get good sound. The equipment was good, the environment was good, and the power supply was good. But it still didn’t sound right. As we went through these situations over and over again, we realized that the cause was the cables. From there, however, we faced all kinds of difficulties until we developed a cable that sounded good.
■The INNOVATOR is a mass of innovations.
When developing the INNOVATOR series, innovation was the key. We wanted

to create something different from conventional cables, something that turned conventional wisdom on its head. As professionals, one of our jobs is to achieve the impossible. The demands of the INNOVATOR would normally be answered by anyone as impossible. However, decades of accumulated experience and technology of AET and Oyaide Electric have made it happen. Notable features include rich bass, crisp highs, and a rich, overhanging mid-range. High performance, yet flexible and easy to handle. The beautiful, high-quality finish makes this cable look like a high-end Italian sports car.
■Sound reminiscent of the high-end studios of the 90s.
The sound concept of the INNOVATOR series is reminiscent of the high-end

studios of the 90s: before the development of DTM, the performance and recording equipment used in music production in the 90s was all dedicated equipment. It was also the richest era in which the most money was invested in music production. Solid, powerful bass expressed through expensive analog consoles. Clear, well-defined mids. Highs with sharpness and speed. There was a unique worldview and sound that could only be produced with analog equipment.

INNOVATOR was developed with the aim of realizing this dream-like sound in today’s age of home recording and digital technology, and I would like the younger generation who did not experience the 90s to experience this cable. We

hope that the appeal of the INNOVATOR cable will be conveyed to many more people, that they will experience the joy of creating and playing music more than ever before, and that more people will be able to enjoy the beauty of music.


  1. Realisation of the three elements required for audio cables at a high level.
  2. High quality through the use of special and highly functional materials.
  3. Flexible, easy-to-use feel suited to instrumental performance.
  4. Durability to prevent problems at live performances.
  5. Sound tuning optimized for music production and playback.
  6. Economical pricing and satisfaction that outweighs quality.


Class 1 oxygen-free copper “C1011” (made in Japan)

Body cross-sectional area

Outer Diameter 7.0mm

NI insulator


Aluminum Ribbon

Outer sheath

Heat-resistant non-lead material





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