JRS Studio & Flow Studio in Berlin

Oyaide’s good friend, singer-songwriter and producer Enda Gallery, introduced us to Axel Reinemer, owner of JRS Studio, member of Jazzanova and Grammy-nominated engineer for 2020. We were introduced to him.
Enda recorded his own album at JRS Studio.

Axel’s deep passion for sound, his relentless pursuit of music and his understanding of the needs and direction of the artist have made him a key engineer in the studio. In 2012, he founded JRS Studio in Berlin.
When we first got in touch with Axel, the construction of Flow Studio was about to start.
Axel was interested in installing d+NEO cables, as he wanted to ensure the best possible quality and reliability.

Perhaps this was just the right time to meet.
Axel invited us into his studio with his friendly personality.

The first thing that struck us was the grand piano, a space that had been washed out and was ready to be explored.
Then there is the wonderful world of vintage equipment. There was precious vintage equipment everywhere.
A Neumann console is installed to guarantee the best sound quality.
If we had to describe JRS Studio in one word, it would be “the ultimate studio”.

It has all the comfort and flexibility of a modern recording environment. All the rooms are easily connected and in close proximity to each other, making it a versatile and creative space that can meet all the needs of the modern musician, band or producer.

To date, JRS has worked with musicians from many different genres.

For example, Ryuichi Sakamoto recorded the entire cello theme for the soundtrack of ‘The Revenant’ here.

In 2015, they produced Rihanna’s album ‘ANTI’.
He says that since the pandemic, his clients have changed a bit and there are fewer international artists coming to Berlin.
He has been working more and more with German pop and jazz artists.

The JSR Studio is equipped with the custom made PA-08 V2 series and the premium AR910 microphone cable.

In September 2020 Axel opened a new studio complex called Flow Studios, consisting of five writing and production rooms where people can come and rent a room for a day or a week and produce beats or record vocals in the same room. That’s the concept.
We had the pleasure of visiting Flow Studio this year.

Each room has been furnished with furniture, lighting, carpets and decoration to match the concept.
The Living Room has a large banana tree which gives it the feel of a resort hotel.
With its stylish kitchen and cosy lounge area, I could imagine it being the perfect place to relax in between shoots.

The atmosphere was already the most luxurious.

Flow Studio is equipped with d+ NEO cables in every room.
Mainly the d+ series, PA-02 microphone cables and QAC222/QAC222G guitar cables are in every room so that we can work with the equipment we bring in.
The studio is a very attractive studio for all kinds of people from all over the world.

It’s a very attractive studio and I can imagine that it attracts all kinds of musicians from all over the world.

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Photographer : Musashi Shimamura
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