MONOM is an experimental performance venue located in the historic Funkhaus Berlin, a spatial sound studio with the world’s only spatial sound system designed and built by 4DSOUND.

Funkhaus Berlin was also chosen as the venue for the Red Bull Music Academy 2018 (RBMA) supported by Red Bull Music, where various programs were held.

The Symphonic Sound System, one of the world’s largest spatial acoustic systems, took advantage of the excellent acoustics of Funkhaus Berlin’s legendary Saal 1 orchestra recording hall. A floating array of 102 omni-directional speakers custom-designed by 4DSOUND enveloped both artist and audience in rich spatial detail, allowing them to explore new symphonic territory within the walls of this historic venue.

Oyaide NEO’s 3800m of custom made speaker cables were installed in this Symphonic Sound System.

Funkhaus is the former broadcasting center of the GDR, built in the 1950s and located in eastern Berlin overlooking the Spree River.

The studio complex covers an area of over 13 hectares and is divided into four blocks, A to D, with recording studios, event halls, offices, cafes, restaurants, etc. It is said to be one of the largest studio complexes in the world.

In one of them, Saal 1, we installed 250m of PA-02 cable and 245m of QAC222 cable.