At the live event “A DEDICATED CHAPTER TO STUDIO COAST AND YOU” by THE SPELLBOUND held at USEN STUDIO COAST in Shin-Kiba Tokyo on Saturday, December 18, 2021, Oyaide NEO helped to wire around the stage. Oyaide NEO helped with the wiring around the stage.

THE SPELLBOUND is a new band launched in December 2020 by Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES with Yusuke Kobayashi of THE NOVEMBERS as a vocalist, and has released 5 singles and videos digitally since the release of the single “Hajimari” in January 2021.


In July 2021, they performed at LIQUIDROOM for the first time, and in August, they appeared at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’21, where they performed as the last performer on the RED MARQUEE stage.
Then, on December 18th, they held their solo show, “A DEDICATED CHAPTER TO STUDIO COAST AND YOU”.
Even though they have only performed three times, The members of the band were so in tune with each other that most of the audiences who saw the show wondered, “Is this really their third show?

It has been announced that Shin-Kiba USEN STUDIO COAST, where the concert was held, will be closed in January 2022, but in the past, I’ve experienced BOOM BOOM SATTELITES’ live performances many times, including midnight club events, New Year’s Eve countdowns, and the last concert. It was a very memorable place where I experienced BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ live performances many times.



Mr. Nakano has been using Oyaide NEO since they performed as BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, and in fact, He supported TEH SPELLBOUND at their first solo show!


Mr. Kobayashi has also been using NEO cables for THE NOVEMBERS.

In “A DEDICATED CHAPTER TO STUDIO COAST AND YOU”, we cooperated with the wiring on stage, and the result is known to everyone who saw it.

Today, we’d like to share with you some photos of the wiring that we did.




Masayuki Nakano (Ba./Gt./Synth./Programing.)
Yusuke Kobayasshi (Vo./Gt.)
【Support Drums】
Yoko Fukuda / Kazuya Oi




23 Feb. 2022 RELEASE!!

THE SPELLBOUND’s first full album “THE SPELLBOUND” is the first album which contains 11 songs including 5 singles released in 5 consecutive months from January 2021.

Please enjoy the magnificent world of THE SPELLBOUND with dynamic melodies, beautiful soundscapes, and all songs in Japanese poetry.