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This Pure Silver Microphone Cable brings amazing sound quality to recordings and high-end sound systems

The AR-910 M has great innovation in its design. The distinctive feature of AR 910 M is that the 5N silver conductor and the original XLR connectors are made from high quality materials from Japan with a new locking system of connection.The AR-910 M is favored by recording engineers who are active all over world for the connection of microphones or pre-amplifiers in the recording process.
When used in recordings, it brings out the quality of the vocal in your music.The AR-910 M goes beyond the limits of a standard cable’s ability and has great potential to improve the sound quality when used with hi-grade microphones and pre-amplifiers.


  1. The center of the conductor is 5N solid silver which has the most electrical conductivity of any metal and it is produced by an advanced manufacturing process including the continuous casting process that takes place in a high-frequency electric furnace, 19 stages of cold rolling, a drawing process, and a final annealing operation.
  2. The insulator is also significant in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable. For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed PFA which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity. And also we selected Polyethylene which keeps permittivity to a minimum and enhances the flexibility of the cable.
  3. The AR-910 is a triple-layered shielding structure designed to bring an ultra-silent noise floor. The first semiconductor layer attenuates static noise and electric microwaves. The second copper foil shielding protects against high-frequency noise. The third silver plated mesh shielding protects against low-frequency noise.
  4. Impedance is set to 110 ohms, of course, this is not how to demonstrate the performance of digital signal even at (AES / EBU) to analog transmission.
  5. The XLR connector is the FOCUS1 which is custom made by Oyaide. It has a one-touch push-pull function, cable clamp and ball-bearing locking system, actualized smooth insertion and tight holding capability. The materials are closely examined for overall quality. The brass body is plated with hard chrome. The contact pins are made of phosphor bronze and plated with silver and rhodium. Each component is processed with remarkable accuracy by CNC machining.

CONDUCTOR 1.0mm 5N(99.9995%)Sterling silver
SHIELDING PE / Copper foil + Silver plated copper mesh
OUTER UV protective polyurethane
PLUG Oyaide FOCUS 1 (XLR 3pin female – XLR 3pin male)



3.0m / 5.0m

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by Goh Hotoda

Mr. Goh is the famous mixing engineer and his works include Grammy Awarded Chaka Khan, David Sanborn, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, Madonna and more. The AR-910 M is a superb high frequency sound and it’s not necessary to adjust the high frequency by equalizer on recording. The AR-910 M brings the goodness with acoustic guitar and the recording of the classical music in the hall.

by Ann Mincieli

Ms. Ann is Alicia Keys’ engineer, an album coordinator, a runner of the whole studio past for like the last 13year. Besides that she owns Jungle city studio which is a huge recording facility in NY. I really like the transparency. And I believe the gain stage is better. Seems like there is a better gain stage using them and a definitely on the high-end on the vocals which is very opening and clear.