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L/i50 G5 PowerCable

  • Recording
  • audio,speaker
  • Keyboards
  • DJ
  • Guitar&Bass

Oyaide’s Traditional L/i 50 OFC Power Cable, Modified for Instruments and Recording

The L/i 50 G5 is a modified version of the Oyaide L/i 50 OFC audio power cable (supported not only by audiophiles but also by many artists and engineers) for use in musical instruments and recording. The stable transmission performance is maintained, but the flat balance, essential for music production, is more clearly defined. With its presence in the midrange and extruded sound, the L/i 50 G5 provides a natural and punchy sound for all kinds of equipment such as guitar amps, keyboards, and recording equipment.


  1. Low-temperature annealed oxygen-free copper wire for stable transmission
  2. Star-cad structure significantly reduces noise.
  3. Oyaide P-029 plug and SCHURTER 4781 gold-plated connector provide flat, loss-free sound reproduction
  4. Silver mesh tube protects the cable from external noise
  5. Length: 1.8M Rating: 125V / 10A
  6. Made in Japan


L/I50 G5


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