“MUSIC SHARE” is a music program that introduces Japanese musicians to the world.

MUSIC SHARE #96″, the fourth and final episode of 2021 since its resumption in September, was broadcast on December 31st, New Year’s Eve.

This recording was also held at Audio Technica‘s ASTRO STUDIO on a certain day in December, and we Oyaide NEO were there to wire the cables and film as part of the staff!


The last guest for 2021 was “Sukebo-King“.
Sukebo-King has made a name for themselves as one of the leading bands in the world of mixture, and together with their old friend kj from DRAGON ASH, they were the driving force behind the early 2000s mixture movement.

In 2001, the band released “TOKIO LV”, which boldly sampled Kazumasa Oda’s “Love Storly and Suddenly”, and it became a hit at No. 10 on the Oricon charts.

After that, Sukebo-King was not limited to hit songs or major scene activities, but was a cutting-edge band that incorporated various elements such as Hip-Hop, Rock, Big Beat, and Electro.

However, the band regrettably broke up in 2010.

After the band disbanded, member SHIGEO continued to be active in the electronic music unit mold, The SAMOS, and the band “ATOM ON SPHERE” formed with Makoto Sakurai of Dragon Ash, Ken of OBLIVION DUST, and former BEAT CRUSADERS member Keitaimo. DJ SHUYA also supported various artists and provided music for them, and each member moved on to their own activities.

However, in February 2020, our Sukebo-King suddenly announced that they would get back together.



I’m sure many fans in their 30’s and 40’s who were hooked on SBK and Dragon Ash at the time were excited about the reunion.

Well, Sukebo-King announced that they would be reuniting for the first time in 10 years, but just then the new coronavirus started to rage.

As a result, Sukebo-King had to cancel all of their scheduled live performances, including revival concerts and festivals…

Nevertheless, in December 2020, they released their first new song in 12 years, “Uncanny Valley / Captain Captain”.
and the song attracted a lot of attention for its humor, playfulness, and full-bodied Sukebo-King style.



And as 2021 comes to a close, in December, the Sukebo-King had a guest perfomance on MUSIC SHARE!
And on December 15th, the single “Beat, Bass, and Scratches” was also released.

And one day in December, a studio live recording was held at Audio Technica’s Astro Studio.


Unfortunately, DJ SHUYA was not able to attend the studio live, but DJ RAYMOND, who is also active in The SAMOS,  joined as a supporting member. The two MCs, SHIGEO and SHUN, with their high and low voices, were still alive as they were then, and MASH tightened up the band’s sound with his groovy bass.

The set list of the live was as follows.

【 Set List 】
❶ intro
❹Beats, Bass and Scratches
❻uncanny valley
❽Devastated (SUKEBO-KING vs The Chemical Brothers)
⑩Someday Somewhere

“It’s a nice set list, isn’t it? A good balance of new and old songs scattered around.”
Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to check out the MUSIC SHARE video that was streamed on New Year’s Eve!

Whether you’re familiar with Sukebo-King or just seeing them for the first time, you’re bound to be hooked to their charm immediately.”

And of course, Oyaide we provided full support for the wiring of the MUSIC SHARE as always.

As both SHIGEO and RAYMOND both are Oyaide users, the equipments were set up with Oyaide cables that they brought in, but we also provided the other line cables and power supply.


On February 16, Sukebo-King will be releasing a new album in 13 years!
We`re really looking forward to seeing what kind of content the album will be.
Please check it out!


【Sukebo-King Member】
SHIGEO (VO・MC・GT・Lyrics, compositions, and arrangements)
SHUYA (DJ・Composition and Arrangement)


Sukebo-King STAFF】

【 Connect with Sukebo-King
▶Official ▶You Tube ▶Twitter ▶Instagram 


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Audio Engineer : Umeo Saito
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Lighting Design:Ryosuke Kakuto
Editor : Mansaku Ikeuchi
Photography : Takahiro Ogawa
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